The Icecalator™ Ice Dispenser does the same thing that name brand dispensers do but at a FRACTION of the cost. It also has the additional attractive feature of PORTABILITY. That's right, no wires or hook-ups to worry about.

The Icecalatorô system is an ideal LOW COST OPTION for those who desire the ease and sanitation of an ice dispenser but are also concerned with their bottom line.

The Icecalator™ is NON-ELECTRIC and can be USED ANYWHERE.The Icecalator™ is already being utilized at CONVENIENCE STORES, by CATERERS, in SCHOOLS and OFFICES and at RESTAURANTS. And don't forget, because of it's PORTABILITY the Icecalator™ can also be used without a problem at outdoor events such as PICNICS and PARTIES.

The Icecalatorô is insulated, can hold over 10 lbs. of ice and includes a detachable drain tray.

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US Patent 7,870,974